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About Me

Hey there! Thank you for visiting my personal website. My name is Christoph Anastasiades, I am web designer and web developer with more than 15 years of experience. I love creating beautiful web projects combining design, frontend and backend programming.

I studied media and computer science at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.

To find more about my work and my own projects please visit CanMedia.rocks.




Evaluation & Strategy

Together with you I analyze the aim and needs to choose the right strategy for your web project.

Frontend & Backend

I implement well-coded front- and backend projects using the right technology for your project.

Layout & Styling

Based on your layout and color preference I create lovely designs which suit perfectly with your project.














Hoangi is a project by German web development company WebSize. My job was to do design some elements on the site and do the backend system. This included database as well as user input handling.

The coding language I used was plain PHP 5, the database system MySQL.

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Photopolis is a personal photography website which I designed and implemented. The task was to create a simple yet beautiful website including lots of images and galleries.

Prototyping was made with Mockups.com, designing with Photoshop and coding with Sublime Text 2.

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Ostsee24 is one of the biggest online holiday appartement websites for the Baltic Sea. My job was to adapt the existing system in order to implement a responsive design, improve page speed and increase revenue from mobile visitors. I also added an interactive map on the object detail page.

In this project I mainly coded in JavaScript/jQuery, HTML and CSS. The map was made using Mapbox Tilemill.

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NochOffen is a very popular search engine for opening hours.

My job was to create a badge which should be added to other websites to make clear that site was listed on NochOffen.

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Alina Pogostkina is a famous German violonist performing at some of the world's most renowned festivals and concert venues.

The task was to create a personal website with big images and an unique design.

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